TTT // The Current Chapter - "We are Razor Leaf"

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First debut in late 2014, Razor Leaf is a 5-piece band members including Vocalist Quang Minh, Guitarist Cuong Zak, Lead guitar Quang Phuoc, Bassist Dang Khoa (2014-2015), and Hong An on drum. Early 2016, Phu Nguyen joined Razor Leaf as bassist since Khoa was studying abroad. Ever since, Razor Leaf has been a core-member of Saigon's heavy music scene.

"Just 5 guys try to make their own sound" is how they describe themselves. Their music is all about freedom as well as their passion, their motivation toward life.

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Camera: Anh Le, San Ken, Shiki Bet, Thiet Vu
Editor & Colorist: Anh Le
Motion Designer: Shiki Bet
Music by: Razor Leaf
Special thanks: Naomi Roestel, Phan Nga, Carnival Studio, BearKnuckle Studio

'The Current Chapter' is a series of short intimate interviews where underground artists speak their truth, express their joy, share their passion. "All there is ever, is the now"

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